Tiffany Moore


Tiffany Moore

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In August 1999 as a result from a rare case of Meningitis and a stroke Tiffany became totally blind. Though Tiffany was devastated at the prospect of being blind, paralysis that prevented her from walking or her inability to perform daily living tasks did not stop her, but her determination and perseverance proved to strengthen her resolve. After a long hospital stay, strenuous physical and occupational therapy, she learned to walk again and care for herself. Tiffany joined the National Federation of the Blind in 2002 after attending a local chapter meeting with her mentor, where she began her journey “raising expectations” about blindness.” She went on to earn a Master of Science degree in Vocation Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of South Alabama in 2006. She attended Western Michigan University in 2009 where she obtained a Master of Arts degree in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy, and in 2010 she was offered a full-time position as a Certified Vision Rehabilitation Specialist in which she began her career in the VA teaching our nations veterans how to become more independent.

She has served faithfully in various capacities within her NFB Alabama Affiliate and was recently elected to serve on The Board of Directors. Tiffany is a firm believer that the sky is the limit to what you can have.

If you trust God, he will give you the tools you need to overcome obstacles.