Parental Rights for the Blind Act

Alabama now has a "Parental Rights for the Blind Act". The bill was signed into law on May 28, 2019 by Governor Ivy. NFB of AL PARENTAL RIGHTS ACT 2019 274 provides that the blindness of

An individual may not serve as a basis for denial or restriction of visitation or custody in family or dependency cases, denial of adoption or denial of foster care when the visitation, custody, adoption, or placement in foster care is determined to be otherwise in the best interest of the child. Blind individuals should be given equal opportunity to successfully parent their children to the fullest extent possible. Our sincere thanks goes to Representative Hollis? dedication and commitment. Her collaborative efforts with members of the Alabama State House made this bill a reality. We were able to place a law on Alabama books. This is just the beginning toward navigating our movement to even greater heights as we enhance the lives of every blind individual in our great state.

Legislative chair Nathalie Oliver worked diligently to make this bill become law and we will always be appreciative to her for her dedication and commitment toward this effort. Thank you Nathalie!!

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